Outside of a maximum of five (5) company directors, The League Managers & Coaches Association of Ireland committee will consist of the following positions.

  • Chairperson
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Minuets Secretary

Committee members will hold no more than one (1) position. Committee members will be voted in at the LMCAI AGM. The elected committee will be responsible for managing the affairs of the LMCAI. Decisions on LMCAI affairs will be done on a majority vote of the sitting committee.

The Chairperson will have the casting vote in the event of a tie. Committee meeting will be chaired by the sitting Chairperson. If the Chairperson is unavailable the meeting will be chaired by the president. The Quorum for the transaction of business of the LMCAI at committee meetings will be Three (3) people.

All committee meetings must be minuted by the Minuets Secretary and signed by the Secretary. Any committee member may call a committee meeting provided the proposal is seconded by another committee member and fourteen (14) days’ notice is given. There will be four (4) scheduled committee meetings per year.

A committee member may leave their position at any time during the AGM Timelines by giving the LMCAI committee two (2) weeks’ notice of their intention. A committee member who leaves their position early will not be excluded from going forward again at future AGMs.

In the event of a committee member leaving their position early a new officer will be voted onto the LMCAI Committee by the following procedure.
  • A sitting committee member will nominate a new officer from our membership provide he/she is fully paid up.
  • A committee member will second the new officer proposal
  • The full committee will ratify the new officers position by majority vote


In the event that focus groups are required to represent the LMCAI for various assignments or tasks, a Sub Committees will be formed. Sub Committees will be selected by the current sitting main committee. All the Sub Committees findings will be reported and acted upon by the main committee.


The LMCAI is a non-profit association. On the dissolution of the LMCAI all access monies will be distributed into the development of football on the island of Ireland.



The LMCAI Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on the last Saturday of November at a venue TBC. The AGM will be held to:
  • Approve the previous AGM minuets
  • Receive reports from the Chairperson and Secretary
  • Receive report from the Treasurer and approve annual accounts
  • The election of the Executive Committee
  • Appoint someone to certify LMCAI accounts
  • Fix Subscription Fees (if needed)
  • Consider changes to LMCAI Constitution
  • Deal with relevant business

A Special General Meeting (SGM) can be called by a committee member provided it is seconded by another committee member and is supported by 15% of the overall LMCAI paid membership. On confirmation of SGM the secretary must give Twenty One (21) days’ notice to the paid LMCAI membership, of SGM date and venue. The quorum of the SGM shall be fifteen (15) % of the paid members. The Chairperson or in his/her absence the President will chair the SGM. Each paid member present will have one (1) vote. In the event of a tie, the meetings chairperson will have the casting vote. The minuets Secretary will minuet the meeting and shall be signed off by the secretary.



All matters must be discussed with the Treasurer
  • The financial year shall run from the 1st of January to the 31st of December
  • The treasurer will be responsible for the preparation and presentation of LMCAI accounts
  • The accounts will be certified by an appropriate independent person elected annually at the LMCAI AGM
  • Payments of under E30 can be made solely by the treasurer
  • Any payments of over E30 need to be co-approved/signed by two other committee members